SONShine friends is our class for individuals with cognitive and/or physical challenges .
With a curriculum designed to share the gospel and love of Jesus Christ with everyone,
"Not A Fan Teen Edition" will be modified slightly to fit the needs of this group
If someone asked, 'Are you a fan of Jesus?', how would you answer? You attend every movie featuring a certain actor, you know the stats of your sports hero, and you can recite lyrics from your favorite songs. In short, you're a huge fan. But are you treating Jesus the same as the other people you admire? The truth is Jesus wants more than the church attendance, occasional prayer, and the ability to recite Scripture---the fan response. He's looking for people who are actually willing to sacrifice in order to follow him. In this teen edition of Not a Fan, Kyle Idleman uses humor, personal stories, and biblical truth as he challenges you to look at what it means to call yourself a Christian and follow the radical call Jesus presents. So, will you be a fan, or a follower?
Patti Dynes and Bob Schindler, Co Teachers
Phone:Patti 269-545-2281, Bob 269-429-5922